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Internet Browser Help

If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, you may experience one of the viewing problems below, depending on your browser version. If you see links but they don't "click", add HIDA as a compatible site.

  1. Q: If you click a directory option and see a menu list down the left side but no further data:
    • A: Move the cursor out of the frame and into the green bar area to refresh the page
  2. Q: If you click a directory option and see a blank screen with ‘Error on page’ in lower left corner:
    • A: There is a loading delay, data will appear when you see a "Done" message at lower left corner

Browser Options: Chrome and Firefox browsers display the Membership Directory without the above viewing issues, if you would like to try viewing in an alternate browser, download from the following links:

Download Mozilla Firefox

Download Google Chrome

If you experience further viewing difficulties or need assistance logging in, please contact: Frankie Pressley.

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