How To Adjust Compatibility Settings in IE 11

With Microsoft's Internet Explorer version 11 (IE 11) release reducing certain script functionality within the IE browser, some members have experienced difficulty with the login links on the HIDA website. IE 11 may have auto-updated on your computer – the following steps will restore functionality and should NOT need to be repeated each visit.

Note: in Windows 8, open IE from the desktop, not from touchscreen, to access the following menu options.

  1. Go to the Tools gear icon  or  on the top right corner of the browser  ( Or under Menu >Tools)
  2. In the drop-down menu select "Compatibility View settings"
  3. The dialog box will show "" ready to be added to the list of compatible sites, click "Add" and close the window

Refresh page or reopen tab and links should now function correctly.

To check which version of IE is installed on  your computer, go to Tools/gear icon to select “About Internet Explorer” from the drop-down menu. The popup box will show your current version.

If you experience further difficulties, please contact for help with your login and membership account.

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